Watercolour Sketches

Welcome to the Watercolour Sketches section of my store!

These are sketches done on location, from life. They are imperfect, and contain the spontaneity and energy that can only come from painting directly from life.
Locations range from Canada to all throughout Europe. Each sketch comes signed, and unframed.

Lucerne Dock - Watercolour $70.00 Leopoldstrasse - Watercolour $70.00 Doolin, Ireland - Watercolour $70.00 Copenhagen - Watercolour $70.00
Munich Stroll, Watercolour $70.00 Walking In Lucerne - Watercolour $70.00 Notre Dame Cathedral - Watercolour $70.00 Schwabing Afternoon - Watercolour $70.00
Munich Gate - Watercolour $70.00 Hohenzollernstrasse - Watercolour $70.00 Munich Court, Watercolour $70.00 Before The Rain, Copenhagen - Watercolour $70.00